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Custom Graphics
Well designed logos, graphics and signs establish your professional identity and can be the most effective element in promoting your business. A professionally designed array of graphics creates a favorable impression and reflects the style and essence of who you are.

At LonoWood Art Company, we understand the importance of a professionally designed logo. Our talented team of designers takes great pride in developing a wide variety of graphic communications that establish your company's identity. By communicating directly with you, we are able to produce graphic solutions that are specific to your needs and unique to your business. With the expertise of our graphic designers and their commitment to quality, you are assured of innovative products that capture the essence of who you are. All of our graphics are original works of art, and no clip art is ever used as a component in the design of your logo.

Custom Signs
In addition to offering complete graphic design services, LonoWood is also a full-service signage company providing interior and exterior signs in a multitude of materials and finishes. We utilize premium materials such as urethane foam, premium hardwoods, stainless steel, copper and aluminum in the fabrication of our specialty custom-made dimensional signs. We also provide a full range of vinyl graphics, back lit signs, banners and print materials. As with our graphics, all of our signs are original works of art.

When we began producing hand-carved signs over 25 years ago, they were fabricated of solid redwood or mahogany and all the carving was done by hand. We now use more stable contemporary materials and CNC machine carving, although we still utilize chisels and knives to apply the embellishments that are the hallmarks of traditional craftsmanship and unrivaled beauty. LonoWood Art Company uses only the highest quality, time-proven materials to ensure a long lasting product with enduring value. Our experienced craftsmen and painters utilize high quality exterior paints, automotive finishes and 23k gold leaf to add distinctive beauty and prominence to the final product.

Each LonoWood Art Company sign is designed not only to promote the unique character and identity of your business, but also to complement the architecture and surrounding landscape in which it will be placed.

Cabinetry Gallery Working with Us Starting the Process
Sign Gallery Working with Us Starting the Process